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Increase the value of your event through effective communication.

Promote your events using 3D video simulations.

KproMotion is a Showkube service that creates a video simulation to help you communicate the layout, infrastructure and multimedia elements of your event and how they will be presented. Any detail imagined can be displayed in the video, for instance:

          • Infrastructure: tents, stands, scenes, buildings, etc…
          • Decoration
          • People
          • Logos, trademarks and advertisements
          • Videos playing on screens, etc.

Watch an example (in case of slow connection please click pause and wait until the video downloads):

When organizing events it is important to communicate to sponsors, exhibitors, clients, visitors, providers, etc. how the event or a part of it is going to look. Communicating more effectively, and helping these stakeholders understand the details, increases the value of the event, helping you to sell the idea. KproMotion facilitates:

          • finding sponsors,


  • setting proper prices,



  • encouraging exhibitors and visitors



We also produce all sorts of videos to promote your brand through your website or to be projected in high quality in your event. Watch an example:

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