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Live channel multiviewer

Kview  is an easy-to-use, professional, and multiviewer media server that acquires and decodes multiple live HD video streams. Its powerful player enables up to 8 HD video streams to be played on a single screen, easily arranged in customizable rich media layouts.

Kview can play live HD video streams from your event presentations, on demand content from online video platforms, or local media stored on its internal memory. Because it is using multicasting technology it can receive those videos on an unlimited number of Kview screens.

The Kview  Layout Editor makes it easy to create compelling themes that match your style and branding. Low latency video decoding means ultra fast zapping from one layout to the next.

Kview  is designed both for permanent installations (conference rooms, hotels, retail stores, corporate headquarters) and for temporary events (festivals, concerts, trade shows, cultural and sport events, conferences). For events with many halls and video displays Kview provides the control and flexibility needed to get your message across.