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A cutting-edge video presentation

solution for projection events

Kshow is a cutting-edge video presentation solution integrating a live mixer, an intuitive timeline and a powerful 4K media server that brings a simple and flexible approach to event production.
Kshow is a Linux-based 4U appliance built with the latest in real time processing technology and ultralow latency; bringing an efficient and innovative approach to show creation and show management. It allows for simultaneous reproduction of content from live cameras, laptops, live streams and local media files to a wide variety of screens (projection, plasma/LCD, LED walls, rear projection, etc.).
The versatility of Kshow provides you with an all-in-one video processing solution for live shows such as events, conventions, theater or touring; and fixed installations as museums or TV studios.
Kshow drastically enhances users’ experience, giving improved features, intuitive control interfaces and efficient workflows to manage the entire event. Kshow was conceived by audiovisual experts who have been producing the most amazing events for over 30 years. The result of their insights is a video processing solution that simplifies the event production process in ways technicians will highly appreciate.
Kshow connects to ShowKube support services over a secured Internet tunnel which allows for:

  • User controlled software updates
  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • System restore


Kshow is an integrated video processing solution created by audiovisual professionals. Suitable for a wide range of events yet simple to use for all technical profiles



Media Server with Timeline
Edge Blending
Projector Stacking Management
Hybrid Live Mixer
Real Time Layout Composition
Low Latency
Real Time Effects and Transformations
4K Video Output
Keystone and Warping
And Much More…