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Klive is a professional encoder that acquires live and on demand SD and HD content from multiple sources (cameras, PC, and other live inputs), and multicasts them over IP to local screens. Therefore, it allows you to increase the reach of your event, while reducing the use of bandwith from your distribution network.

Klive: Broadcast your live events

Increase the reach of your event by broadcasting multiple live video feeds to local screens, mobile devices and internet audiences everywhere.

Klive solutions stream multiple live and on demand SD and HD content from multiple inputs (cameras, pc and other live sources).

The Klive acquires those multiple inputs and transcodes the signal to perform:

          • Multiple live streaming
          • Recording
          • Multicasting

Thanks to ShowKube’s complementary platform services, you can broadcast your event to any device via the Internet. By enabling the cloud based recording option your live videos become available on demand as soon as your event is over.