General Terms and Conditions of the Website

General information

The purpose of this section is to set out the general terms and conditions for use of this website.

General terms and conditions is authorised to include, modify or delete points as it deems appropriate or is required to do in order to adapt to the applicable legislation.

The existence of these terms and conditions does not exclude the possible existence of specific terms and conditions for contracting services that may be offered on this website.

Use of any of the services on this website by the user implies express acceptance of all the general terms and conditions displayed on the website at the time the user accesses it, as well as the specific terms and conditions that may apply to particular services.

Terms and conditions for accessing and using the website

Any person who uses this website will be considered a user for the purpose of these terms and conditions.

Users must be of legal age and have full legal capacity in order to be able to use the website and its content. If the user allows a minor or legally incapacitated person to use this website, the user him/herself will be responsible for both the content the website may contain and the personal data that person may communicate or publish.

Generally speaking, it is not necessary for the user to register to use this website, notwithstanding that the use of certain services may be conditional upon prior registration. Registration shall be carried out in the manner expressly stated for that purpose and in accordance with the specific terms and conditions that apply.

If any of the services must be paid for, the terms and conditions regulating them shall be those included in the specific terms and conditions.

The user acknowledges and accepts that it will use this website at his/her own risk and responsibility and undertakes to use it in accordance with the legislation in force and to comply with the general and specific terms and conditions, such as but not limited to:

- Not adding or spreading content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, supportive of terrorism or that, generally speaking, infringes human rights and other legal provisions in force at any time.

- Not introducing or spreading a virus on the network or software that may cause damage to computer systems.

- Not spreading, communicating or making available to third parties any kind of information, element or content that constitutes unlawful or unfair advertising.

- Not sending any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, advertising material, spam or chain letters.

- Not impersonating other users by using their usernames and registration passwords or through any other means.

Intellectual and industrial property

The content on this website, as well as the text, images, graphics, trademarks, software, drivers, programs, etc. are property exclusively owned by Showkube and are protected by the intellectual and industrial property regulations, so it is prohibited to reproduce, modify, distribute and/or manipulate them.

The user undertakes not to remove, delete, alter, manipulate or in any other manner modify the content on this website or its text, images, notes, captions or symbols.

Both this website and its contents are the property of Showkube, which does not transfer or grant any right over it or any of its content to users that may use it or download any kind of software. Authorisation to use this website or any software that may be downloaded is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions. Under no circumstances will it be deemed to assign its ownership or grant any other kind of licence or authorisation other than authorisation to use it.

The Showkube logo and its name is a registered trademark of Showkube. It is utterly prohibited to use and/or modify this trade mark as well as any other trademark, logo or internet address it owns.
It is expressly prohibited to use the content on this website or any other item of intellectual property owned by Showkube in a manner that may infringe rights protected by law, in particular by legislation concerning intellectual property that may benefit the latter.

Showkube reserves the right to file all action it may be entitled to bring to defend its interests and rights.

Warranties and liability

Showkube may not be held liable by third parties for malfunctioning of the website, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation in force.

In any case, under no circumstances will any liability that Shokwube may have exceed the amounts it has received from the third party for providing the service.

Under no circumstances will Showkube be liable for the lawfulness, fitness, usefulness, truthfulness and/or accuracy of the content that a user or third party has added to the website.

Showkube will also not be liable to the user or third parties for representations and/or statements made by a user or third party on the website.

Notwithstanding that set forth in this section, if Showkube detects any kind of content that is against the law, morality or public policy, or data, files or software that may damage users’ or third parties’ computer equipment, it shall take the appropriate steps to seek to delete them or make it impossible to access them and their content.

The user holds Showkube harmless in relation to any commercial relations he/she may maintain with a third party contacted through the use of this website.


A user who creates a link between any other website and this website will require prior authorisation from Showkube

In any case, the link to this website must link directly to its homepage and must make clear that the website and its content are in no way related with the website that contains the link.
The websites containing the link must not contain any trademark, trade name, name, logo, slogan, etc. that belongs to Showkube without prior authorisation from the latter.

The web page that contains the link may not contain information or content that is unlawful, immoral, or contrary to accepted principles of morality or public policy.

If Showkube’s website contains links to other websites, Showkube accepts no responsibility and provides no kind of guarantee concerning the contacts that the user may establish or the damages he/she may suffer due to those contacts for any reason.


Cookies are a fragment of information that is stored on the hard drive of a visitor to a webpage through their browser at the request of the web server. This information may then be recovered by the server on subsequent visits so as to facilitate browsing on the website. Showkube informs the user that cookies may be used on this website to facilitate their browsing on the website without implying that their personal data may be gathered.

Showkube reserves the right to contract a third party to obtain and safeguard information, including the use of cookies.

The user is hereby informed of the possibility of changing their browser settings to prevent the creation of such cookies.

Term and grounds for termination

This website is created for an open-ended term.

At any time, with no need for prior notice, Showkube may suspend or cancel this website and the services provided on it.

If a user uses the website without observing the general terms and conditions and private terms and conditions, Showkube may prevent the user from accessing the website and its services without prior notice. The user will be liable for his/her actions and will be liable for any damages he/her may have caused to Showkube. and third parties.

Applicable law

International law shall apply to all questions and disputes that may arise from the use of this website, as well as from these general terms and conditions.